5 Best Foot Massagers For Diabetics (#1 Is Most Powerful Foot Massager)

5 Best Foot Massagers For Diabetics (#1 Is Most Powerful Foot Massager)


best foot massagers for diabetics

The best foot massagers for diabetics can help to conquer pain in the foot and increases blood circulation. If you or your loved one have diabetes, then you know how important it is to keep your feet healthy. People who have diabetes prefer to get foot massage therapy from professional therapists. But now you don’t need to go to expensive professional massagers because now you can find the most effective best foot massagers for diabetics. You can save a lot of money and time with these efficient foot massagers, and also you can get an effective massage.

It is a good medical approach to get a proper foot massage when you have diabetes. Good foot massage not only improve your blood circulation, but it also gives your feet the relief they need.

So choosing a single product is a tough job when you have a lot of options in the market. That’s why we have compiled a list of Top 5 Best Foot Massagers For Diabetics. So you can have a look at the best and choose the one which suits your requirements.



best foot massagers for diabetics

It is a very personal decision when it comes to choosing a foot massager. What may suit one person might not suit another person.

Before buying any foot massager, there are some factors which should be considered. Those factors are massager’s nature, features, style, design, and comfort.

There are plenty of out there; few are amazing when it comes to customizing, that let you customize their movements while few are good for blood circulation and problems like plantar fasciitis, diabetes and neuropathy.

No matter your budget or massage preferences, there’s a high-quality foot massager to fit your needs. Which one should you choose? We aim that you’ll figure it out soon after reading this.

So our top 5 list will help you to choose the foot massager which suits you the most. I recommend you to read our guide below before making a purchase but first read the given precautions to avoid any inconvenience.


  • People having osteoporosis or other feet related diseases should use the foot massager after consulting professional doctors.
  • Women who are pregnant or have recently give birth or menstruating should avoid using foot massager.
  • Any individual who has a heart condition or a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes or other sensory impairment, phlebitis and/or thrombosis, joint dysfunction, inflammation or injuries, weak bones should ask from doctor before using foot massager.
  • Patients having high fever or an abnormal or curved spine should avoid using foot massagers as there is an increased risk of developing blood clots.
  • A patient being treated for a medical condition or physical injury or is under a doctor’s care should consult with a medical professional before using a massaging device.

Every product is useful but we should always take precautions to get the benefits and to be saved from its harmful effects.

Below is the list which shows the top 5 best foot massagers for diabetics.

1.) MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager (Most Powerful and Best Foot Massagers For Diabetics)

best foot massager for diabetics

MedMassager MMF07 is the master when it comes to improving blood circulation and alleviates pain. Number 1 on our list of best foot massagers for diabetics is the MedMassager MMF07. Best suited to those who suffer severe foot/leg pain, serious circulation issues, and pain or cramps resulting from neuropathy or diabetes.

Massage Features:

The MMF07 Foot Massager features 11 individual speed settings allow you to treat your therapeutic regimen to your specific needs. Be sure to always start at a low speed and slowly increase over time as your body responds to treatment.

Its over-sized foot-plate can easily accommodate US men’s size 17. The bar at the top is specially designed for the focus treatment on the arch area or for stimulating toes. VARIABLE SPEED now with an 11-speed motor control from 1,000rpm to 3,700rpm for maximum comfort and control.

You can also use this massager to wear socks and shoes. It’s good for those who have sores on their feet.

We do not recommend direct skin massaging of the feet below the knees for everyone with symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, open sores or very thin fragile skin. However, an excellent indirect treatment is using the MedMassager foot massing unit. This approach will stimulate blood flow and help reduce swelling (edema)

Start at the lowest level and be very careful if you have peripheral neuropathy. If you have that condition, you have to use a speed of 1, or 2 and every day for a few minutes, slow and steady progress.

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  • Improve your blood circulation.
  • Very good for calf muscles pain.
  • Arch bar relaxes the Achilles’ tendons.
  • Beneficial for many foot problems.
  • It is a portable product.


  • It is not a quiet massager.
  • It will not give you the same comfort as other massagers.
  • It is ideal for those who needs its special features, but not good for everyone.

2.) CloudMassage Foot And Calf Massager (Most Highest Rated Massager With Zero Negative Reviews)

best foot massager for diabetics

If you want a massager that can massage both of your calf and feet, then this massager is for you. Cloud Massage foot massager can do an excellent job refreshing and relaxing your tired feet and calves.  CloudMassage shiatsu Foot Massager provides relief for tired feet, calf, legs, neuropathy, people with diabetes by increasing Blood Flow Circulation. CloudMassage Foot Massager is one of the Highest-Rated electric massagers on the Internet right now.

Massage Features:

Multiple settings: It comes with various massage features which includes rolling ball massagers, air compression massage and heat to increase blood flow and circulation.

Adjustable Bar: This massager gives a deep kneading shiatsu massage at the maximum comfort angle. It is a notable feature of this massager that it comes with an adjustable bar that allows you to sit in a normal position. Most massagers in the market lie flat on the floor and force you to keep your legs and knees together at a 90-degree angle which makes user uncomfortable.

Dual Massage: The cloud massager allows multiple settings for vibration, heat, and air compression pressure that can be adjusted according to your need. These settings will provide perfect massage for your feet, calves, toes, and ankle.

Reduce Stress: Medical Grade massager provides comfort to the tired feet and relieves tightness. It works in the pressure point of your feet and massages the bottom of your feet with heating and pressure to reduce stress.

WARNING: For deep penetrating massages essential to improve blood flow and relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis and neuropathy high pressure is needed. The Cloud Massage features different levels of massage so if you have sensitive feet, consider trying the pressure of the massage on your arm first. Be sure to use the lowest setting in the beginning.

Quality And Guarantee: Cloud Massage focuses on quality. You can feel the fantastic and weighted quality of a Cloud Massage machine right after opening the box. The Cloud Massage is also offering a 100% no hassle money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction because they know what kind of quality they are providing to their customers. So you have nothing to worry.

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3.) Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager (Most Advance Foot Massager)

best foot massager for diabetics

When it comes to a foot massager, MIKO has made a name for itself by providing some of the most excellent foot massage machines available in the market. This massager will give you a fantastic spa grade massage comfort in your own home. Enjoy a light and deep massage with this excellent massage machine.

If you are want to spend some money on your foot health, this machine will not give you any chance to get regret on your decision. This massager has a modern design, expertly crafted to elevate any homes aesthetic.

Massage Features

The foot massager from Miko is one of the most high-tech options out there. This unit uses five adjustable pressure levels to inflate and deflate the built-in airbags in each foot chamber. Choose between deep kneading and soothing natural vibrations, and adjust the strength and heat to suit your needs. Deep-kneading massage nodes will work on the soles of your feet and relax your muscles. The heated massage feature can be activated and deactivated selectively, and it will produce a gentle warmth around your feet, helping to relieve tension.

This massage machine is also good for the people who have diabetes or have medical problems like plantar fasciitis or has neuropathy on your feet. It’s great for relieving tired and sore feet. Your plantar fasciitis and arch pain will significantly be decreased.

This product has some great features, it is very user-friendly and has a simple and straightforward control panel, with soft-touch buttons and an abundance of options, and you can easily change between massage configurations. They’re your feet, prefer a massage the way YOU like it.

Miko foot massager comes with two remotes just in case you lose one. Wireless remote eliminates the need for uncomfortable bending and increasing convenience, while the remote controls don’t have a very long reach, but it is beneficial for people who have trouble over bending over, such as the elderly.

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  • Providing deep kneading, subtle vibrating, rolling, and heat functions.
  • Automatically shut down after 15 minutes.
  • 5 different pressure settings that target specific pressure points.
  • Air pressure apply pressure to all parts of the foot.
  • 2 Wireless Remotes Included.
  • Ultra-sleek, light and portable design.
  • Come with 1-year warranty.


  • The front half of feet get a decent massage the back half of feet is untouched.
  • Foot massager does not get fit with feet larger than men’s size 10.
  • Heat feature is not very powerful.

4.) MARNUR Foot Massager (Most Budget Friendly Foot Massager)

best foot massager

This foot massager by MARNUR is one of the best home foot massagers that offer shiatsu foot therapy. This product’s shipping weight is 9.3 pounds with a dimension of 418 x W 359x H 230 mm.

Massage Features

It has 3 Intensity Levels-:
-The intensity of the deep kneading massager activates intensity 1(weakest) in initial state (The LED show white).
-Press the intensity button once, the Kneading massager machine turns to intensity 2 (medium) (The LED show green)
-press it twice, it turns intensity 3(strongest) (The LED show red). Set the level which works best on you for a fully customizable full foot massager

Deep Kneading & Rolling –With 3 Different Modes which the combination of the air compression and rolling massage in different ways available, what more, Compared with the back massager or shoulder massager, the foot massager has many mini Ergonomics massage heads, which can massage more acupuncture points. With the deep kneading foot massager, the rotating foot massager shiatsu modes that work wonders to foot pain relief and relieve aches, knots, and muscle tension, which make your feet feel good.

MARNUR Foot Massager with Heat Option Air Pro–Add relaxing heat setting of the heated shiatsu kneading massager allow you to increase muscle relaxation and rejuvenation(the temperature of the heat massager is around 40~45 celsius), what’s more, the air pressure foot massager , two air pockets in each heel and instep, so you can have a full coverage and deep muscle massage when you use it.

Multi-Protection Massager–The electric foot massager have multi protections, One is timer protection, the timer massager is equipped with 15 minutes auto shut-off ,second is overheat protection and third is the PTC Protection to ensure your safety, so, you can use the foot massager rest assured.

Top Reasons Why Customers Fall in Love With This Product

  • The Foot Massage Cover being removable, the appliance makes the electric foot massager more convenient to keep it clean all the time.
  • Rotating foot massager nodes and air pressure make wonders to foot pain relief and relieve aches, knots and muscle tension.
  • It helps get rid of severe leg pains and cramps, preventing common foot problems.
  • The air foot massager can be stored under most standard sofas while not in use.
  • This product can accommodate up US shoe size 11.
  • This product can help those that suffer from plantar fasciitis.

What Makes Customers Unhappy?

  • Some customers dislike that it automatically turns off after 15 minutes.
  • This massager can be intense, a number of customers complained regarding that intensity.


  • Combination of nodes and air pressure make wonders to foot pain relief.
  • Small size and portable.
  • Ideal for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis.


  • This massager can be intense

 Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager

best foot massager for diabetics

Brookstone – Shiatsu with Heat is one of the best foot massagers for diabetics currently available in the market. It is easy to operate and straightforward and provides you with the right amount of pressure and intensity. This massager also proves to be very helpful for your foot problems like plantar fasciitis, neuropathy etc. We review the Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager, and now we will tell you what benefit you will get from this machine.

Massage Features:

The best Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager is designed to relieve your foot tension and stress. It is equipped with mechanical massagers and rollers that are very good for your pain and discomfort.

Pain relief is one area where this machine is especially shined because of foot massager to make your feet feel better. When you use this massager, Shiatsu-style kneading massage and air compression work well to improve blood flow and relax the muscles.

It also offers the heat function so if you like to take massage with heat you can on the heat function. The combination of deep kneading massager rollers and air compression give your feet deep massage that will eliminates your foot pain and give comfort to your tired muscles.

This machine is easy to operate, with a clearly marked on / off, heat, high, and low buttons. There are 3 settings in this massager energize setting, pulse setting or soothe setting, it depends on you which kind of massage do you want.

The linings on the best Brookstone product are removable so you can easily clean your machine. You can use it at your office, home or on your coffee desk.

Brookstone is a portable machine and it also gives a handle to carry massager which makes it more portable and easy to carry.

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  • There are 3 settings in this massager energize setting, pulse setting or soothe setting.
  • Massager works with the air compression and in conjunction.
  • Easy to wash.


  • You cannot set your own program in this device.
  • Bulky weight.
  • Not best suited to those with large or wide feet.

Best Foot Massagers For Diabetics FAQs And Tips

best foot massagers for diabetics

Advanced foot massagers are the combination of technology that comes up with a little package.

Purchasing a foot massager is a sound investment. You will not be the only one enjoying the benefits of having one, but your whole family can enjoy it as well. Among the top 5 product mentioned in our 2018 best foot massagers for diabetics list, The products description will help you in finding the product that will suits you best.

The foot massagers provides you a deep and relaxing massage experience and multiple health benefits, including tension relief, relaxation of your muscle pain, and an increase in blood flow and circulation.

Thank you so much for reading it, enjoy your new purchase and don’t forget to share this with others who intend to buy their very own foot massager.

In addition, if you are finding something very perfect so keep in mind nothing is perfect it is just a Poor Quality and Best Quality and in this guide we mention top rated foot massagers of Amazon.

So without any ado, let’s continue with our foot massagers buying guide.

Tips for Foot Massager

If it happens that the foot massager doesn’t work, please confirm the following tips:

  • Restart the massager after cooling down, due to we think the customer maybe use for a long time to be protected by overheat.
  • Make sure that the item is charging when using, due to it is not a battery operated foot massager.
  • Connect the correct voltage.
  • Please operated the Manual carefully when you first use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) Is it OK to use foot massager while pregnant?

Ans.) To reduce swelling and to relax your feet a foot massage seems like an ideal way to relax while pregnant. However, it is not always a safe idea to use foot massager without consulting your doctor in this condition. A soft and gentle massage is safe but using a massaging machine is not always the best option. It is very important to discuss your doctor before using foot massager to ensure that is it okay for you to use during pregnancy or not.

Q.) Is a foot massager good for neuropathy?

Ans.) Deep massage can help stimulate circulation which improves the overall health of the foot and reduces discomfort from neuropathy. Pressure may also help to improve blood circulation and can help reduce the nerve pain associated with peripheral neuropathy.

Q.) Is a foot massager good for diabetics?

Ans.) It is a good idea for you to get foot massage when you have diabetes. Many doctors suggest using foot massager to diabetics patients. It will not only improve your blood circulation, but it can also provide your feet the comfort they require. Foot massager is a good source of relaxation and relieving stress, which is a good idea for anyone to do.

Q.) Are foot massager safe to use?

Ans.) If you are using it according to instructions, then they are completely safe. Consult with your doctor if you feel pain or discomfort while using foot massager to ensure that is it okay for you to use it or not. Many therapists recommend a foot massaging machine for older people above 50 years.

Q.) Which type of foot massager is the best?

Ans.) It is a very personal decision when it comes to choosing a foot massager. What may suit one person might not suit another person. There are plenty of out there; few are amazing when it comes to customizing, that let you customize their movements while few are good for blood circulation and problems like plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and diabetes. Before buying any foot massager, there are some factors which should be considered. Those factors are massager’s nature, features, style, design, and comfort. So that’s why it is not going to be an easy decision. Every foot massager has its own comfort level.

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