10 Best Welding Work Boots (Reviewed January 2019)

10 Best Welding Work Boots (Reviewed January 2019)

If you are a working guy, then it is very important to have the best welding work boots which can protect your feet from heavy objects and provide you proper comfort when wearing them for long hours.

For professional welders, durability, comfort, and safety features are significant factors. To wear a pair of the best welding work boots is intended to protect the welders from high heat, spatter and sparks.

There are some special shoes and boots for welding which will provide you with more support, comfort, and have a steel toe which will protect your feet when some heavy object falls on your feet and come with a metatarsal guard that will protect your laces from getting burn so burning laces won’t be a problem anymore.

Best Welding Work Boots of 2018

Welding boots that are in the market right now are safe and can be used for welding without any problems.

It is a little bit difficult to find the best welding work boots in the market, which will provide you with more comfort and protection. After a lot of research, we are going to discuss the best welding work boots. These welding boots are manufactured by different brands and have different designs to keep the customers happy.

Keen Utility – Men’s Mt Vernon 6″ (Steel Toe) MET Work

Best Welding Work Boots

Okay! Now we’re checking out the Keen Men’s MT VERNON 6″ Boot Met (Steel Toe) waterproof from the Keen utility. These steel toe boots have a waterproof nubuck leather upper with the keen dry breathable membrane on the inside to help keep your feet nice protected. You also have a removable insole, it’s made up of a really lightweight EVA material to give you some added comfort.

These boots also feature an EVA and polyurethane five-point midsole construction that will give you great stability, comfort, and flexibility. They also meet ASTM and electrical hazard safety standards. To keep your toes protected there is a steel toe that gives you additional toe protection.

On the very bottom, we have a 90-degree heel with an oil and slip resistant non-marking rubber outsole which helps to keep you steady.


Waterproof Nubuck Leather Upper: Upper is made up of Nubuck leather to make the boots more durable and comfortable which is waterproof to keeps the feet drier during work.

Metatarsal Guard: Over the front, you have the external met guard who is going to protect the top of the foot.

Keen Dry: To keep your feet dry the Keen Dry delivers waterproof protection and high breathability which keeps the feet drier and helps to reduce the bacterial activity.

Padded collar: Padded collar to provide support and cushioning and to relieve the stress on the back of the heel.

Left And Right Safety Toe: Uniquely anatomically correct aluminium and steel composite toe designs provide a roomier toe box and maximum comfort.


Removable EVA Footbed: EVA footbeds are designed to provide the high amount of support and comfort, but they are removable and can accommodate orthotic insoles for the people who want a specific amount of support for their flat feet.

Keen Key Tech: Full-length TPU stability plate adds support on forefoot flexibility and underfoot stability.

EVA and PU midsole: To provide good support and comfort, Keen offers dual density compression moulded EVA and PU midsole to provide fantastic shock absorption and cushioning.


Keen Grip: To prevent slips and falls Keen introduced non-marking rubber outsole which helps to prevent slips and falls in the workplace.

Michelin Men’s 6″ Sledge Metatarsal Work Boot ST

Best Welding Work Boots

This is the Michelin sledge steel toe metatarsal work boot. This boot is all about safety it has an external metatarsal guard to protect the top of your foot there’s also a steel toe through which you will get a ton of protection at the front of the foot and this boot is also made to protect you from electrical hazards.

The outsole of Michelin has great tread and it resists chemicals, heat, and abrasion as well. This boot also has a shock absorbent midsole to provide walking comfort. So get this Michelin boot work boot for significant protection and tons of safety features.

Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Steel-Toe Met Guard Boot

Best Welding Work Boots

Dr Martens Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Steel-Toe Met Guard Boot is made to protect your foot if you work 8, 10 and 12 hours a day. In Dr Martens Ironbridge Metatarsal Guard Boot you’ve got the protective steel toe up front that is safety rated, you got the plate on top of the boot to protect the top of your foot as well and rugged metal eyelets for easy lacing.

Amazing shock absorbing footbed of these boots is going to allow you to stay on your feet all day and still feel energized, the moisture wicking lining helps to fight odours so that’s always good.

The outsole itself is extremely shock absorbing it’s the classic Doc Marten material which is slip resistant as well. When you need a heavy-duty boot that’s gonna work as hard as you.

Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8″ Metguard Steel-Toe Boot

Best Welding Work Boots

Take a look at work boots from Timberland Pro. These steel-toed boots are built to last. The upper is made out of a premium abrasion resistant ever guard a leather to give you real reliable durability, and it also features a contoured met guard on top to help keep your feet safe, and there is a quick hook on top for easy on and off.

There is a ton of padding along the collar and tongue for added ankle support. There is a removable footbed to give you little extra cushioning you’re looking for, the inside lining is super soft and made out of a very breathable mesh material so your feet will be able to breathe and it’s also treated with an antimicrobial treatment to give you an odour-free experience.

These boots also feature steel shank for structural support and down on the bottom we have an extremely durable non-marking rubber outsole that is slip and oil resistant and also features ladder lac lock technology to help make sure you’re on that ladder firmly. You’re out there working all day make sure your feet stay nice and safe and a great pair of boots like these there’s an Timberland pro.

Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

Best Welding Work Boots

The second shift is classic iconic six-inch work boot it is properly Goodyear welted for extreme durability and longevity. These boots offer technical safety features and steel toe construction with classic work boot style. The second shift is designed to protect and serve your feet. The second shift is the ASTM steel toe and electrical hazard protection certified for industrial work use.

CAT adds rugged rubber outsole this outsole has been in the line for over 25 years it is tried and true and tested. The Goodyear wealth construction is super durable and the climasphere insole is engineered for comfort. The nylon mesh liner promotes breathability to maintain comfortable dry feet regardless of the weather.

The cat second shift steel toe work boots get the safety certification you need in the boot style you want.

Georgia Boot Hammer Internal Metatarsal Steel Toe Work Boot

Best Welding Work Boots

This is the hammer six-inch composite toe boot from Georgia boot. These composite toe boots are built out of really sturdy material with a Goodyear welt construction around the bottom to give you a long-lasting use and plenty of flexibility so you don’t have to worry about breaking them in.

You also got a rubber toe and heel guard in the back to add some durability. Plenty of cushioning in the midsole will provide you with amazing comfort and keep your feet feeling as comfortable as possible throughout your entire workday.

On the bottom, we have that durable rubber outsole that is resistant to chemicals oils and slips that gonna help keep you steady. So if you are looking for heavy duty boots and want to keep your feet protected than Georgia boot is a very good option for you.

Iron Age Men’s Ground Breaker IA5016 Work Boot

Best Welding Work Boots


We have got the groundbreaker from iron age and this bad boy is gonna keep you super safe out on the work site. This super rugged work boot is made of a super sturdy full-grain leather upper and of course, these boots also have the Kevlar stitching just going to give you tons of long-lasting durability.

Over the front, you have the external met guard who is going to protect the top of the foot and including a steel toe, you will get tons of protection at the front of the foot and it also protects you from electrical hazards. You’ve also got that spongy rubber heel which is going to give you a lot of comforts and added shock absorption. These boots come with a removable EVA footbed which will keep you super comfortable on the work site.

These boots come with a flexible collar that’s gonna give you lots of range of motion and comfort and for easy on and off there is a pull tab. Super durable and little bit flexible slip and heat-resistant rubber outsole of Iron Age is going to give you tough traction and lots of comfort on a variety of surfaces.

So for those rugged good looks and tons of safety features don’t miss out on this boot from Iron Age.


Best Welding Work Boots Buyer’s Guide

Best welding work boots are intended to protect the welders from high heat, spatter and sparks. To give your feet full protection, the welding boots have different built-in safety features to keep you safe as you work. Before choosing your welding boots either from the somewhere else or list above, I suggest you to still read our Buyer’s Guide, this guide will provide you information which you should know before purchasing the best welding work boots and help you to understand the technology that goes within these modern welding work boots.

So without further ado, let’s continue with our welding work boots buyers’ guide.

1. Boots Construction

Boots construction is a very significant factor which you can’t ignore before making your purchase. A well-constructed boot plays an important role in longevity, performance, and comfort.

  • Welt construction of the boot is the most durable method to construct boot. In this construction technique, a strip of leather is attached between the sole and upper. To make it more durable, double stitching is used and stitch the outsole, innersole and upper securely collectively through a leather welt. Boots made in this way are the most durable and you can buy them for heavy duty jobs.
  • Another method is a direct attach method which is a common technique. Boots made through this method are durable, lightweight, comfortable and shock absorbing, provide excellent durability and are best for the jobs required fast movement.
  • Cementing is the another most used technique to construct a boot. To bond outsole, a flexible high-strength and durable adhesive are used. Boots built in this way are suitable for light-duty jobs and often provide comfort, lightweight and are not as costly which make them an excellent choice for light duty jobs.

2. A Guard for Your Work Boots

Boots come with met guard protection are either made with external or internal met guards. The primary purpose of the met guard is to protect your foot from metatarsal injuries. Metatarsal injuries take a long time to recover and to protect your foot from these injuries metatarsal guards boots are introduced which can reduce and prevent the injuries when the foot are exposed to “drop” hazards. Moreover, the met guard also protect the boot laces from getting burn with sparks.

3. Comfort

Welding is not an easy job so being comfortable is the essential part of your job. Best welding work boots can make your job easy by providing excellent cushioning, protection and comfort in all the right places of your foot and prevent your foot from further injuries and pain. The best welding work boots should be lightweight and don’t have to be uncomfortable. There are lots of super comfortable boots in the market right now which are comfortable, flexible and protect your feet when working.

4. Waterproofing

Many jobs demand waterproof shoes and boots. For welders who are spending a lot of time in outdoor construction and have to deal with rain or snow then one should probably go for waterproof boots which are constructed with leather and thick waterproof materials to make the boots 100% waterproof.

5. Kevlar Laces

Kevlar shoe or boot laces are incredibly durable. These laces are used by firefighters and welders because of their flame resistant quality which makes them an excellent choice for welding boots.

6. Heat Resistant Material and Build

Purchase boots which are heat resistant because welders work in extreme heat for which safety boots are necessary. Your feet can suffer a major injury if you are not properly equipped. So always go for the heat-resistant boots if you are dealing with something that can get thousands of degrees hot.

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